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Strip Lighting, Re-Tubing and Cleaning

Experience developed from a long-standing service background, Crown Forge Electrical Testing has over the years realised that large companies and organisations have many different tasks to complete in order to have a happy working environment. Whilst trying to comply with all Health and Safety regulations this can become a task that sometimes has to take a "back seat".

Why is good lighting at work important?

Experience shows that good lighting at work is essential to health and safety as the quicker and easier it is to see a hazard, the easier it can be corrected. Poor lighting in any workspace can be costly not only as a hazard but it also can affect employees health at work. Poor lighting can cause symptoms such as eyestrain, migraine and headaches. This then can result to your work force not giving you their full potential and possibly time off sick resulting in costly expenditure that could have been avoided. Employers, the self employed and people who control non domestic premises have a duty to ensure that lighting is safe and does not pose a health risk to employees and others who may use their premises.

Often in a large office complex or factory different fittings fail at different times and difficulty is found in keeping every all employees in each department happy and in a comfortable working environment. Aswell as keeping on track of which fitting has been changed, cleaned, and in which department the work was completed, this can cause lighting units to fail at invariable times. Understandably trying to change fittings individually this becomes a very frustrating and an expensive way to maintain your building.

Crown Forge Electrical Testing has found that many companies feel it is most cost effective to blanket change and clean their strip-lights all at the same time. Usually a full clean will occur every two years with a full re-lamp every three to four years providing a more pleasant atmosphere to work in, whilst keeping the costs down and helping you keep ahead of your maintenance program. Also Crown Forge Electrical Testing can wherever necessary work out-of-hours at no extra cost, to ensure minimal disruption to your work force and their work pattern.

Strip Lighting

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